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Environmental Noise & Vibration

Environmental Noise VibrationEnvironmental Noise Monitoring

Long and short-term noise monitoring campaigns are often required for minimising and managing noise emissions emanated from infrastructure and construction based activities and for demonstrating compliance with imposed noise limits.

Airlabs’ experience in noise monitoring includes undertaking short and long-term attended and unattended noise monitoring programs in accordance with the procedures outlined by the relevant local authorities (e.g. Councils), Australian Standard 1055 ‘Acoustics – Description and Measure of Environmental Noise’ and the relevant Environmental Protection Agencies.

Airlabs has access to a wide range of noise monitoring equipment calibrated by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and conforming to relevant Australian Standards (AS), which include:

  • Type 1 Sound Level Meters (SLM) – for attended and unattended noise monitoring surveys
  • SLMs with 1/1 and 1/3rd Octave band filters for detailed frequency analysis
  • Environmental noise loggers for short and long-term unattended monitoring
  • Related accessories – SLM calibrators, data acquisition and software for 1/1 Octave and 1/3rd Octave band analysis

Vibration Monitoring – Human Exposure and Structural Vibration

We also monitor the exposure of the human body and structures to vibration in accordance with Australian Standard 2670 ‘Vibration and Shock – Guidance to the Evaluation of Human Exposure to Whole Body Vibration’ and the German Standard (DIN) 4150 ‘Structural Vibration – Effect of Vibration on Structures’, respectively.


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