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Air Ingress Survey (Leak Detection)

Airlabs offers helium tracer gas surveys to detect sources of air ingress in vacuum systems (e.g. power station condenser systems) and other types of industrial plant leakage. We utilise a portable mass spectrometer which offers an extremely low detection limit, enabling us to detect even the smallest of leaks.

Air ingress into condenser and steam systems can have the following implications for power plants:

  • Decreased plant thermal efficiency
  • Potential limiting of operation
  • Increased operational costs
  • Increased corrosion
  • Increased maintenance costs

Airlabs can provide:

  • A professional and quick response
  • A full or partial helium air ingress survey
  • Immediate consultation with your engineers following identification of areas of air ingress
  • Retesting of defective plant following remedial action
  • Full survey report including locations of air ingress

Cost Benefits

The cost benefits of carrying out air ingress surveys and in particular planed surveys prior to outages can often bring significant savings associated with increased plant efficiencies, reduced fuel and works power costs and potential for decreased plant failure. Often the cost benefits can be very significant and run into thousands of dollars.

We can also provide fugitive emissions monitoring & reporting known as Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR) programs. LDAR programs are designed to limit hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere from operating equipment through leak repair & recording.


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