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Ambient Air Monitoring

Airlabs have undertaken extensive ambient air quality monitoring programs. Airlabs offer clients a unique one-stop-shop service where the monitoring and analysis are all done in-house, thereby providing clients cost-effective air quality monitoring services.

Short and long-term air quality monitoring is commonly undertaken to determine pollutant levels at sensitive receptors, which can then be compared with relevant guidelines. This may be required due to specific activities in the vicinity, ongoing operation of industrial facilities or specific one-off incidents which can cause high pollution episodes.

Ambient air monitoring is also conducted to:

  • Understand the local air quality trends and patterns in a specific area of interest; and
  • Provide adequate background air-quality data for air quality impact assessments.

Our ambient air quality monitoring services include:

  • Particulate matter (total suspended particulates, PM10 and PM2.5) through high-volume and low-volume air samplers;
  • Determining deposited dust levels through dust gauges;
  • Odour
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs);
  • Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (Dioxins, Furans, PAHs, PCBs and OCPs);
  • Gases (CO, CO2, SO2, NOX);

All the above monitoring and their subsequent analysis are carried out in strict adherence to relevant Australian Standards (AS) and local standards.

Ambient Air Monitoring


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